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Monday, September 27, 2010

Food Hypnosis

I'd like to think that I am adventurous and experimental.  I'm not afraid to try anything atleast once.  (ok... well maybe not "anything"!)  I don't think I could ever muster up enough courage to eat even a fraction of what Andrew Zimmerman tries on his tv show - Bizarre Foods.  -Yeah, I'll pass on the temporarily paralyzed live scorpions in a tangy soup broth,  or the fried pellet feces of some rare rodent!  Some extreme foodies may not be afraid to go there .... but this southern chica will admit defeat when my dish to taste contains potential DEATH in its ingredients!
However .... I'll still try more new things than the average person.  Which is why I thought it would be adventurous to step out of my box of failed attempts to try and lose weight.  Back in spring, I tried to lose 30lbs in 3 months.  I hired a personal trainer and everything.  -- Yeah.  That didn't work.
And along with a million other ideas  (yes, a million)  I never have been able to kick my bad habit of running to sweets-n-grease for comfort food and snacking.   It's my vice.  - Then I met Sean Wheeler of Pure Hypnosis.  He is an esteemed hypnotist who helps people overcome their addictions through hypno-therapy.  Which includes food addictions and over eating problems.
I have never been a believer of such practices .... so I thought I would bring him onto my radio show and learn more about his successful profession -- for my own selfish curiosity.  :-)

Sean offered to treat me to a hypnosis session, in order to help my subconscience NOT crave the fattening yumminess that I always run to.   I was game.  Bring it on.
But when I got there... my sense of adventure turned into an unexpected fear.  Shoot, I've never been hypnotized!  What if my brain gets STUCK like that????  And I cluck like a chicken for the rest of my life!  - I suddenly found myself nervous and not wanting to give up control of my mind.  In case you've never met me,  I happen to be rather a control freak.  So to "let go" into a mental state of subconscious suggestion .... my brain chose to be stubborn!  What can I say .... it's got a mind of it's on!
  (hahaha,  pun intended!)
To make a long story short,  I was there for over 2 hours, and I think I disappointed Sean when he realized I never 'went under', after all his hard work.  He said I wasn't 'open to the process'.  So technically, it didn't work. 
HOWEVER ... luckily, Sean records your sessions.  Now --- I can lay in the comfort of my own room at home, put the CD in, and let myself truly go and experience this surprisingly realistic and interesting exercise for myself.  The more you listen to the CD and practice these 'suggestions' ... the stronger it will effect your brain, and thus .... creating a new and improved mental YOU!  For whatever your addictions may be.

So.  As you are my witness ... starting tomorrow ... I am going to hypnotize myself  (-- that sounds funny)  every single day for one week.  -- Look at the date of this blog.   In one week from now .... you will have another Blog to read about it,  detailing the changes I've noticed and it's success for my life.  I have seen it work in other people and have heard amazing stories about this kind of therapy!!   I'm actually really excited.

I hate the gym.  So why not try hypnosis!   --- Hmmmm,  let's see .... drive to gym and be bored and miserable on some torture nazi machine ..... or lay in my bed and dream it to reality!!
Gee.  There's a hard decision.

 ----  Now where did I put my piece of pizza . . . . . . .

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