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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Live and Alive!!

Yesterday I aired my very first One Full Hour hour radio show  (was 30 minutes for this past year).  And in case you didn't know, I've always been a pre-recorded show.  And this Saturday -- I was LIVE for the first time.  It was completely different!  And although I admit I was crazy nervous at first -- I ended up and somehow felt like I had already been doing it for years!  It was so natural.  So comfortable.  I'm going to go ahead and just put it on out there ..... I felt like I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.  I'm not sure what the future holds in way of entertainment - not exactly sure if I'll stay in radio, stay in food,  go to tv, etc.....  But I AM doing exactly what I went to college for  (which is so unique these days!)  and I AM doing exactly what I love  (which is rare!)  and I AM doing exactly what exactly what I am good at.   Need I say - I walked out of the studio feeling . . . BLESSED!
So I'll just ahead and give God a shout out for that one.

I had a fabulous Super Bowl Special to kick off our new era of The "Dishing With Donna" Show.  My special Guest Co-Host was Atlanta's one and only TODD RUSHING, of the Concentrics Restaurant Group - and let me just tell you ... he was so good he could be a radio host himself!!  I'm so thankful he was a part of it with me from start to finish.  We also spoke with one of his Executive Chefs, Nick Melvin from Parish Restaurant -- a New Orleans cuisine restaurant in Inman Park.  Absolutely superb!!  (So that was representing the New Orleans Saints.)  Nick also did a fantastic job on air.  We learned about the history of New Orleans cuisine and enjoyed interesting conversation.  Also included was Robb Dillon from the incredible NY Butcher Shoppe off Roswell Road, and Robb was our expert on all things MEAT both in general and for Super Bowl foodie ideas.  He is a maticulously educated butcher and no matter where you live in Atlanta,  it is definitely worth a visit!  (tell them you heard about it from DwD!)  :-)   And then of course, we checked in with my sponsors for the local inside scoop,  We Sell Restaurants.  I get to dish with Robin and Eric every week on my show.  It's been a lot of dark and early fun mornings together in the studio!  I consider knowing them and having them work with me also a blessing. 
The best part about the show was when we had extreme Giveaways!!!  I had 4 different amazing giveaways to offer callers - including a free dinner for 4 at One Midtown Kitchen.  Mardi Gras party tickets.  Not to mention free steaks and full dinners from NY Butcher Shoppe as well.   I had a blast!  -- Keep calling in!

I gotta tell you,  I'm not trying to brag or sound egotistical,  so forgive me if that's the impression you're about to get . . . . but let's just be candid here . .. . .  I HAVE A GREAT SHOW!!!!!

I am blessed.  It feels very humbling.   And as I sit here on my laptop and the Super Bowl is on tv right in front of me,  all I can think about is how I can't wait for next Saturday to hurry up and get here so I can do it all over again.    - -  So you better tune in and listen!!   Thank you to all of those who are helping make DwD a success. 
Too bad there's not a Radio Bowl.

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