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Monday, June 14, 2010

Indigo Girls eat Fried Chicken

(Thank you Audrey Mangold for taking this awesome picture)

I was 16 years old.  My best friend in highschool wanted me to listen to this new TAPE she had by an all girls group called the Indigo Girls.  (Hi Erin!!)  I was so frustrated because the songs were so "wordy" and too much like lyrical poetry.  But because my friend insisted on playing this tape constantly against my will .... I quickly started catching onto the words, and before I knew it -- I was hooked!  The album was "Rites of Passage".  The year was 1992. 
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that 18 years later,  I would be sitting next to Emily on my own radio show!  Since I was 16,  the Indigo Girls have been my personal #1 favorite music group of ALL TIME.  Their music has captivated me throughout the years, knowing every word to every song of every album . . . attending atleast a dozen concerts, several of them front row . . . and because the music is such a part of me,  every friend I've ever had already knows that a road trip with Donna means a road trip with the Indigo Girls!
So!  With that said,  I guess there's no need to explain my child-like ridiculous excitement when I received the message that Emily was going to come on my foodie show!!!  I was a basket case of emotion, running around my kitchen listening to the voicemail over and over again .... as if I were 16.  - I'm laughing at myself as I write this!  (20 years of being a fanatic will do that to you).
In fact, here is a picture of my face as I waited on Emily (with total enthusiasm) to come up the elevators of my radio studio.

Yeah.  I was a hot mess.  But here's where everything changes . . . .
As soon as Emily walks in,  there's such a comforting air about her.  She's the furthest thing from pretentious and was happy, cheerful, positive, energetic, and very welcoming.  I somehow morphed into "Ms. Professional" the moment she opened the door,  and hopefully my 20 years of being a dynamite loyal fan didn't make me look like anything other than the professional radio personality that I try to be, no matter which celebrity I'm interviewing.  I stayed cool, calm, collected, and ready to rock the interview!  (no pun intended)

The interview was fantastic.  We dished all about her restaurant in Decatur called Watershed.  Joe Truex (from Repast) is the new Executive Chef and the menu is all your favorite southern dishes.  Emily has grown up with a passion for food and wine and the restaurant has been opened for eleven years. (Yes, 11!)  It is in the heart of downtown Decatur, just down from Parkers on Ponce (another DwD friend) and also Cakes and Ale.  Watershed has grown into a wine focused restaurant with a style all its own.  Emily can often be found there as long as she is in town.
During the interview,  not only did we have a light hearted "Top Ten Q&A", her favorite recipe, updated info on all things Indigo Girls, and Watershed information galore ..... but my favorite part of the entire interview???  A live performance!!!  Emily graced us with her music, singing 'Watershed' live on air - the namesake of her restaurant.

The whole show was full of energy and laughter.  And despite being an Indigo Girl,  we definitely focused mostly on food topics,  which was so great to learn another side of Emily.  We learned that both Emily and I are from a family of four daughters, both of us being second in the lineup.  She is a graduate of Shamrock Highschool (although I'll forgive her for that) and we loved and hated all the same foods.  -- Crazy!!  For those of you who tuned in and listened,  I'm not sure if you could pick up on my giddy demeanor and fumbling over some words ... which is not like me .... but please just remember,  this moment was a 20 year long build up of anticipation!   As much as I have loved meeting Paula Deen and having dinner with Ted Allen and so many other favorite Food Network faces ..... for me, Emily took the cake.   It was good to feel 16 again.

And now that we're sisters from another mister,  you can definitely find me hanging out over at Watershed!  And don't forget to buy the upcoming Holiday album by the Indigo Girls.  - Their first holiday album ever. 

..... I've got 'Romeo and Juliet' playing in the background.  I think I'm gonna make me some fried chicken  (her best seller)  and crank up the volume! 
Maybe I'll invite Emily on my next road trip  .....  I wonder if she jams to her own CD's?!?!?  Man, that would be a trip!!!
(Ha!  Get it???  - Trip . . . . )

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