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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Howl on up to Wine Country

I am so blessed to do the things I do for my job.  I actually get to call this "work".  A couple weeks ago my radio show drove up to North Georgia, just outside of Dahlonega to broadcast live from this gorgeous winery,  WOLF MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS & WINERY.  It was breathtaking.  -- As most vineyards are, especially if you are a wine lover - like myself.  It is easy to appreciate the lush rolling hills and the spectacular views and the beauty of the nature God created.  At Wolf Mountain,  this is such a place.   Not only were the grounds absolutely beautiful .... but the winery itself and the restaurant was simply fascinating.  I can't recommend it enough,  especially if you have a special someone to share it with.  Talk about romantic!! 
My special someone's were my sponsors, We Sell Restaurants - Eric and Robin Gagnon, as well as my partner in crime, my Director of Operations - Dan Hott.  We all drove the hour and a half to get into North Georgia mountains, and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon there for the live radio broadcast.  --- Which actually never happened.  True!  There were technical problems with the phone lines and we could not get a dedicated line to broadcast through.  It was a hectic, problematic panic time of trying to make it work.  I am a LIVE show,  remember??  And without trying to sound cliche,  the show must go on! To make a long story short .... I had to replay a back up show, and we had to reschedule the winery remote.  Which was completely fine and worked out better in the end anyhow.   (like I said,  I'm skimming over the long story)   I don't want to focus on that part because Wolf Mountain Vineyards will be coming on the show in 2 weeks from now anyhow!  All is good.
So!  Let's just get back to the lovely afternoon . . . . . . . 

We all were treated to delicious wines (I had to force myself to stop at the 4th glass),  interesting education about the specific wines and varietals from the local vineyard ... to which I was sincerely impressed at the quality of this Georgia wine, and an afternoon of euphoric relaxation.
Wolf Mountain Vineyards & Winery is a family owned and operated business.  Wolf Mountain's wines are produced 100% at the 1,800-foot elevations of the Dahlonega Plateau. The Estate Vineyards are home to plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, Mourvedre, Tannat, and Touriga Nacional which are blended to create our Reserve Estate Red Wines.  The Boegner family prides themselves on the multitude of awards they have earned across the country.   My personal favorite  (3 glasses worth) was the Demi-Sec white wine.  - Which is crazy because I'm not even a white wine fan.  So that tells you how delicious it is!

I'm very excited to have Karl and Brannon Boegner coming onto my radio show soon.  Make sure you tune in and listen,  but make sure you've got gas in your car ... because if you're anything like me .... you'll want to hop right in and take the scenic tour up to North Georgia mountains and treat your palate to this fine establishment.  With everything from tastings, to parties, to special events, to wine classes, tours, and the exquisite restaurant -- I dare anyone to say they weren't completely satisfied! 
Now,  bottom's up!!! 

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