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Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating with the Williamson Bros!

I have officially reached a milestone!  This past weekend was my 2 year anniversary of being on air.  Yep, this July 4th holiday weekend was the first time "Dishing With Donna" was broadcasted in '08.  I still remember it like it was yesterday.  It started out as a 30 minute show and was pre-recorded.  What that means is I would go into the radio studios around 6:30am 3 times a week.  I only had 2 hours each morning to use the studio and in that time,  I interviewed my guests, recorded myself, edited, produced it, and turned it in as a complete ready-to-air show.  The first episode ever was my kickoff July 4th BBQ Special.  I interviewed Shane Thompson of the nation's SHANE'S RIB SHACK restaurant chain, and after a high energy conversation about barbecuing and grilling tips and all sorts of fun foodie expertise ... I then gave a couple quick recipes of my own.  I remember talking about how to grill the perfect corn on the cob and then trying something different for a change and baking your greenbeans in olive oil and garlic.   -- And that was it!  Show #1. 
Luckily for me,  it was a hit!  The problem was, I got way too comfortable pre-recording all my material and editing it every week to sound perfect.  I didn't want to promote myself going Live on air.   - It was actually an internal struggle (comically) between me and my business partner for a long time!  I was being so stubborn.  - Little did I know,  that going Live would actually become an addiction ... my "drug of choice", if you will.  There is such a thrill for me to be on live radio!!  I simply love it!  Can't believe I put up such a fight for so long!  (Sorry John!)  These days,  my program is now a full hour and yes my favorite foodies ... I AM live.  And loving it!
     This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny and Larry Williamson of the infamous Williamson Bros. BBQ - and we opened up the phone lines in order to let YOU GUYS ask them all your own cooking out or grilling questions.  It was wonderful, the calls came flooding in, and we even had BBQ giveaways.  I decided it is only fitting to keep the BBQ theme going every anniversary - and a big thank you to Dreamland BBQ of Roswell who came to be my experts last year.  Even Sam Huff of BBQ-1 has gotten in on a piece of the action.  -- Lastly, I produced a long montage of all my favorite clips from the past 2 years from guests who had been on the show.  Clips from people like;  Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Kevin Rathbun, Ted Allen, Richard Blais, Todd Rushing, Bob Tuschman, Daisy Martinez, Emily Sailers of Indigo Girls, and more ....   I worked hard on putting that little montage together, and I was proud to air it.

So here is to 2 years and counting!  CHEERS!!  And thank you so much for helping be a part of my growth and success.  I can't have success without listeners ... so other than God being my ultimate provider,  it is you guys who are making this happen!!
Cheers to you!!

Buen Provecho!

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