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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great Cupcake Smackdown

I love my sweets.  I crave sweet fattening goodness as other people crave saltiness.  I'll run to all-things-sweet before I ever even consider anything remotely healthy.  But if I ever look at another cupcake again ... it will be too soon!  (yeah right, I say this knowing full well I could have another one tomorrow!)  But after eating over 20 cupcakes in one sitting earlier today ... if I sneeze, I swear icing is going to come out my nose. 
The event was called the Great Cupcake Smackdown and it was fascinating!  I was blessed to be one of the judges for this restaurant/bakery competition.  The event was a smashing success, held at Bradford's on Bishop in downtown, and I want to say a huge thank you to Shameeka Ayers - aka "Broke Socialite" - for putting this event together.  You can follow Shameeka on twitter or on facebook, like I do,  or simply go check out her fun and sassy website which is: 

I am hoping to collaborate with Shameeka on some future foodie events, so stay tuned!  But as for today,  the judges table unanimously voted for the Marie Antionette cupcake as our overall winner!  It felt as though we were eating half cupcake - half creme brulee, with a flame toasted sugary top.  It was addictive!
 - As soon as I touch base with Shameeka ... I am going to come back and tweak this blog entry with the accurate information of winners, judges, and more pictures!
Until then ... my insides are one giant cupcake,  and I'm about to go "smackdown" on my bed and let it all digest.   -- After 20 cupcakes,  this could take a while . . . . .  Go go gadget abdomen!

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  1. Thanks sooo much for coming today, Donna. I'm in cupcake overload. No more...'til tomorrow. Ha!