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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food Network Stars Vs. Cooking Channel

My new friends.  Returning guests from the hit show 'Next Food Network Star' - Herb Mesa (left) and Brianna Jenkins, along with the musically talented Roger Mooking (center), host of the Cooking Channel's 'Everyday Exotic'.  What an energy in the room!!  With 4 huge outgoing personalities (myself included. ha!) there wasn't a second of hesitation within our full throttle full speed conversation on air last Saturday.  We laughed, we poked, we prodded, we got nitty gritty, and even quite sentimental - plus of course we dished all about delicious food.  But first, let me describe to you what's going on with the brand new Cooking Channel.

The Cooking Channel is owned and operated by the Food Network.  So now you can start to think of it as either the newly adopted child of Food Network ... or better yet, the twin brother -- who look extremely similar on the outside,  but completely different personalities on the inside.  For example,  the Cooking Channel is a necessary extension of something that is already successful ... and therefore now needs more room to showcase all the extra talent and ideas and additional stars.  The Cooking Channel focuses on the instruction of cooking and learning - and stays away from competition reality shows and fluffy entertainment.  This is to be more technical and diverse.  There are some crossover personalities who have shows like Emeril and Rachel Ray,  but it will really embrace global cuisine and take viewers all around the culinary world.  While in the meantime,  we also are graced with old reruns of Julia Child.  It's awesome.

Then of course .... we have the Food Network.  And one of my all time favorite shows to watch is 'The Next Food Network Star'  (which I will now be referring to as NFNS) and it's a competition show to the likes of Top Chef on Bravo.  The winner wins their own show on Food Network!!  Hence, the name.  For this year in Season 6, Atlanta has 2 contestants fighting for the finale - both still here at the midseason point - and that's our very own Herb and Brianna.  Two magnetic, charismatic personalities and I was proud to have them on my show again to give us an update.  Just like the first time,  we had so much fun and the hour was over way too fast.

After the program was over and we were all hanging out in the other studio just laughing and talking about salsa dancing as we were closing up ... Herb and Brianna invited us to their viewing party that night at the swanky restaurant Room inside the Twelve Hotel.  It was stunning.  I took my mother, my sister, and my aunt for a little Girls Night Out - family style.  Herb saw us and ran over to us immediately offering us food and his signature drinks!  It was fabulous.  Brianna looked absolutely beautiful.  Gorgeous.  -- I had no idea by how much fun we were having that Brianna was the one who got eliminated at the end of that night's episode.  Everyone gasped as it played on screens throughout the restaurant.  I think Brianna even teared up a little.  -- I know Herb did!  She had the microphone and said a thank you/goodbye speech and then hugged me as soon as she turned away.  It was definitely a bittersweet moment and yet still a fabulous night.

Lookey who it is!  Even Eric and Robin Gagnon, Presidents of We Sell Restaurants, my sponsors came out to play.  It was a lovely evening.  Room itself was impressive.  And as sad as I am to see Brianna be eliminated from the show,  she has definitely made a name for herself now!, and a big congratulations for Herb who is still in the running!!  Watch NFNS every Sunday night on Food Network at 9:00pm.
And you can watch Roger (above) every day on the Cooking Channel with his show, Everyday Exotic.  (times vary).  I myself had an energetic and entertaining show with these guests last week.
Stay tuned because there's always something new and fun every DwD show.  - We're like a box of chocolates ..... you never know what you're gonna get!
(but it's sweet every time)

My only question left is ................................ when am I going to get a tv show of my own?!??!   C'mon now people!  ;-)

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