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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bobby Flay is in the House!

Ladies and Gentlemen,  I would like to announce that Bobby Flay is coming onto the DwD Show!!  He is still one Food Network personality I have not had the pleasure of hanging out with yet.  So I am really excited!  I just got the confirmation from Food Network this morning.   What's ironic is ... even though I've watched Bobby for a long time and truly respect his talent - I didn't really become a big fan until I became a big fan of Next Food Network Star.  (see previous blog).   He is a judge and host.  Bobby has always seemed "so serious" to me - which I understand his cooking is a craft - but I've always found myself being highly entertained by the big in-your-face personalities with extreme energy and charisma!  - Hello Paula Deen and Guy Fieri. 

Regardless, I have truly converted to a Flay-Fan since watching the softer side of him come out during this competition show, and dare I even say HUMOR.  Besides, the man is a culinary icon.  Who wouldn't be excited to announce their personal one-on-one interview with him?  It's next Tuesday morning,  although we will be pre-recording for the July 31st airing of DwD.  - Make sure you tune in!
Now the only ones left on my wish list to interview are still Rachel Ray (my twin), Alton Brown, the Neely's, and in my dreams .... Julia Child.  Sidebar:  Julia Child was once asked what was her secret for living a fullfilled long life, her answer was instantly  "Red Meat and Gin".
And these days, you can hear Paula Deen's secret for a happy life .... "Butter".

I think I'll be asking Bobby what his secret is!  I'm sure it's going to have something to do with a grill ....
Hmmmm.  Flame on!

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