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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hungry for High School?

Ok, I debated and debated whether or not to write about my recent high school reunion, held informally at Fado's in Buckhead.  I chose not to attend my 5 year reunion.  I chose not to attend the formal 10 year reunion.  And for the 15th reunion . . . . there was no reunion.  But then someone had the brilliant idea of hosting a "Fashionably Late" reunion to make up for it,  thus creating ... the first ever, 16 Year Reuinion for Roswell High School, Class of 1994.  An informal social gathering for happy hour at Fado's just 2 weeks ago.

(there was not enough room for a full group photo ... this is the closest we could get)
Luckily, thanks to Facebook - many of us have already reconnected and rekindled friendships.  Otherwise, this would be the first time I have seen anybody in nearly 20 years.  What I found shocking was how many of my old friends are still living .............. in Roswell.  And yet I can't pick on them,  because so am I.  Funny how the world works.  My date for the evening was actually a middle school friend of mine, Megan, and we were the first to arrive!!  (should that be embarassing?)

I know I am a foodie show and my blog is supposed to center around all things food-entertainment.  So I will just interject briefly to include that the stuffed mushrooms with a 3 cheese blend and bacon was absolutely delicious.  - There.  Now can this be constituted as a food blog??  ;-)
Honestly,  these moments are just a picture in your life to be remembered - and I thought it was worthy to include for the world to see here on this blog.  (-- plus, I've had school people asking me to post something!)  So this for all you aggressive Hornets who just want to see more of your own pictures online.  Haha.  A big thank you to Fado's, Mandy Stokely Russell, and Nicole Hausleiter Davis.  Also to my date Meggie, and my life long friend Carrie - for making the evening so delicious.  Cheers to all of you!

I thought we were 35 now, but it looks like here we're still stuck at 15! 
Now, let me preface and tell you that I am NOT a drinker,  unless it starts with W and ends in 'ine'.  And on the  rare occassion that I would drink anything other than wine or diet coke ... it is certainly not shots.  I graduated from doing shots before I ever graduated from college.  -- However,  when I'm surrounded by old friends asking me to try something called CHRISTMAS IN YOUR MOUTH ... and they are paying for it ..... shoot,  sometimes - it's just time for a holiday.

I gave a new meaning to Big Bang Theory! -- But hey,  my bangs were tame in comparison to the everlasting walls of hairspray created by other girls.  This was 'nuthin!
I promise to all my fellow foodie readers, FOOD is about to be served.  Stay tuned and keep reading.
- Until then,  Go Hornets!  Sting 'Em!!!

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