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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Atlanta Braves - Chef LaManna

I was tempted to put a different picture up as my first attention-grabbing photo for this blog ... but if I want to maintain any sense of dignity ... I'll save the embarassing ones for later.  - I can't help it, when there's good food around, I just get so excited!  Especially when it is brought to me by surprise, like this past Saturday when Atlanta Braves Executive Chef, Orazio LaManna, showed up to my studio and unveiled one of his favorite dishes on the 755 Club menu.  This delicious waffle sandwich is called "The Hammer": southern-fried chicken breast on toasted waffles with apple-smoked bacon, fried onions, pepper jack cheese and pecan-maple mayonnaise.  Not only did this excite me to taste, but between every commercial break -- my other returning guest, Herb Mesa, and I could not stop shoveling them down our mouth before we had to come back on air!

Also on the show this week,  to one very special lucky caller -- we had a fabulous giveaway live on air for 4 tickets to an Atlanta Braves baseball game, along with a dinner for 4 in the 755 Club. 
Wow!!!  Chef LaManna told us a couple funny foodie stories about Bobby Cox as well as Brian McCann - and learned what really does go on at these exquisite banquets of feasting for the players every single game.  - Yes ... every single game!  The players get to feast like gods on lobster, filet mignon, sea bass, shrimp and crab legs, prime rib, hams, etc..etc.. each and every single game.  It was fascinating!   And ofcourse, Herb was there cracking jokes the whole way through.

It was definitely a chow down day in the studios. 
I am happy to say that Chef LaManna has invited me to do a VIP demonstration with him behind the scenes at Turner Field on October 1st.  This day is perfect since it's an end of the season home game against the evil Phillies.  ;-)  I couldn't be more excited!   I am so very blessed to do what I do, and had an excellent time with my featured guest.  And ok ok ok ......  here is the one picture of me first taken as Chef unveiled the yummy food .... this was my initial reaction:

Chicken and waffles.  Never thought I'd say this ..... but MAN is that good soul food!  Who would have ever thought to put that together? -- I guess kind of like cinnamon buns and chili.  Bet you didn't know that when mixed all together in a bowl .... you have just created fabulosity.  Think outside the box people.  It's okay to play with your food.

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