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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food and Fireworks @ the Stadium

I can't help it!  I just HAVE to say it again ..... I'm sorry,  I know I say it all the time ... but .... I LOVE MY JOB!  Especially the 'perks' I get to experience are so wonderful with such wonderful people involved, that it just fills me with enormous gratitude and wonderment.  I know I am blessed
And what a terrific night I had last Friday at the Braves game with my special friends and guests as Chef LaManna invited us for dinner at the 755 Club, along with fabulous seats for the game, and a private tour of the "Big Night Out" event he hosts every month.  Which I will be by his side on October 1st during the hour long cooking demo as his bouncy sous chef!  - (More information on that coming soon ....)  -Should be a deliciously unpredictable demo!

My friends for the night were Todd Rushing, of Concentrics Restaurant Group, and his adorable wife Laurie, as well as Dan Hott who is my Director of Operations and who accompanies me on most all DwD events and outings.  The four of us are good friends together and the night was fabulous.  At dinner, I enjoyed the special seafood of the night which was fresh flounder coated in crab and shrimp and yumminess.  And Chef LaManna treated us to a beautiful sample dish of several desserts, which I could not say no to of course!  That would be so rude of me not to eat every last little morsel of crumb on the dessert plate .... right???  ;-)

The only thing that I didn't get to do was watch the fireworks.  BUMMED ME OUT,  I can't even explain.  I had talked about not seeing fireworks in years and years and how cool it was going to be to see them in person for the first time in ages and obviously I was excited!  Well.  As the very loud fireworks were going off for nearly 10-15 minutes outside .... I was in a hallway inside walking towards the doors to leave. -- Listening to the crashes right above my head and the explosions I so badly wanted to see!  We were chatting with Chef LaManna - which was great - but I couldn't understand why we weren't talking outside?!?!?!?!?  Lol,  I have to admit -- it was killing me. I felt like a kid.  Dan knows and would laugh telling you the story from his angle, I'm sure!
So,  Chef -- on October 1st,  if that's a Friday night ... I am SO watching the fireworks!!!    ;-)

(I only blow dried my hair out ... why are people going crazy over this?)


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