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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This blog is way overdue.  My apologies to the readers .... as you just read in my Holy Computer entry,  I have been without a computer for quite some time and let me tell you something -- I don't know how society ever functioned without them!  I have felt lost, helpless, powerless, and have thrown a pity-party more than once.  - But alas,  my computer has been returned and I'm back to the land of technology.  Finally!   (will write more on this experience soon) (and MAN, has it been an experience!)

However, I am officially behind in my blogging now.  So I will be playing catch up over the next few days.    MMmmm.  Ketchup.  Which means french fries.  Mmmm.
-- Woops!  Just had vision of what I remember those tasting like . . . . .  .  dang diet.  (more on that to come too!)
Ok Donna.  Focus. 
ITALY.  The one place on this beautiful planet that I dream of visiting someday.  The one place that I have visions of going to for the scenery, the wine, and of course .... the food.  My favorite.  Italian.  Which, as I've mentioned before, is so strange that I obsess over italian food because my heritage is actually Puerto Rican and Sweet South American.  But yet - it's italian food that my palate craves.  Go figure.  So I love searching out restaurants with authentic italian cuisine.  I'm not knocking on Olive Garden and other restaurant chains  (ok,  well maybe I am)  but that is NOT authentic italian food.  Don't fool yourself.  And more often than not,  the small quaint unassuming restaurants are the best places to dine if you're looking for quality of food. 
That's exactly what I delighted in when I found TAVERNA FIORENTINA.  The most incredible Tuscan food I've found in my searching.  In fact,  I was in such foodie bliss that I decided to bring the owners onto my show! 

Taverna Fiorentina is located in the Vinings, tucked away in a little shopping plaza area.

I loved it immediately.  Paolo Tondo is part owner and brings homemade recipes straight from Tuscany, which is his hometown.  You want to talk about authentic??? Just try to talk to him . . . his accent is so thickly italian that it was almost difficult just to understand what he was trying to say in english.  He oversees the culinary expertise of his restaurant with an accute talent for cuisine.  I was in foodie heaven.
Jasmin Reyes is the house-Sommalier,  although she is currently receiving several other wine titles as well.  Growing up at her family's winery in Spain, Jasmin has had superior knowledge of wines since she was a child.  Her deep appreciation and expertise has allowed her to be the other co-owner of Taverna Fiorentina.  This powerful culinary duo marry their skills and palates together to create a cuisine that is beyond italian compare.  - Not to sound like a commercial,  but if you are craving delicious unique authentic italian food ... then jump over to the Vinings and get lost in Tuscany!!  Because ladies and gentlemen,  Florence has a new zip code!
Also joining us for the wine portion of my radio show was Todd Rushing of Concentrics Restaurant Group.  He is a friend of DwD and a welcomed regular.  Todd was excited to talk about seasonal Rose's and how to pair them with the dishes of Taverna Fiorentina.  - We even discussed what wines to pair with Rabbit.

If you are interested in dining in Italy  -- I mean,  Taverna Fiorentina --  ;-)  -- then feel free to snag a Half Off gift certificate from my website.  It's my 50% Off program.  Just for you guys.  Whether you eat the black eyed pea ravioli or the shaved octopus with lemon .... you are in for a treat!
And you don't even need a passport.

                                                                click for their website
                               click here to purchase a 50% Off Gift Certificate to Taverna Fiorentina

Now did somebody say french fries?


  1. Donna! I just wanted to say that hands down THE BEST Italian Restaurant in ATL is La Pietra Cuccina!! You MUST GO THERE if you want the TRUE taste of Italy! Yummy!!

  2. Thanks Donna! thank you for underlining Olive Garden is not Tuscan! take a look at what I'm doing here and please tell me what you think when you have a second-.....