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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Holy Computer

Ok.  I am giving you the heads up,  this will not be an entry about food.  However!  Let me tease your appetite for something still fulfilling.  Rather than be stuffed in the gut,  how about being stuffed in the spirit.  God works in mysterious ways my friends - and sometimes it isn't even about us, but that we are being used to fill someone else's prayer.  Right?  Well in this particular case,  I'd like to introduce you to . . . . . . my computer.  I'm personifying it because quite frankly,  it's been possessed. 
Last week I suffered the dreaded Trojan Horse Virus - my horse was on steroids - and literally sat and watched as it ate away my hard drive bite by bite, file by file.  After a couple days of desperately trying to perform microchip CPR,  I had to finally close my eyes and accept that my computer has flatlined.   -- It was more than a death.  It was a murder.
Those viruses are planted by people you know!  And I'm just going to go ahead and say it out loud .... THAT IS JUST PLAIN EVIL!!   Evil people!
I have experiened all 5 of psychology's "Stages of Grief".  1) Denial.  You think it would dawn on me to call a PC Repair place BEFORE the damage continued to escalate.  But nope.  Not me.  I was in denial that this could be fatal.  Hmph!  I could fix it!   2) Anger.  Um .... that is an understatement!  I hope all those trojan soldiers get their own hard drives nuked!  3) Bargaining.  This was done repeatedly several times on a rotating 10 second schedule.  "Please just save all my work documents and I promise never to sin again!"   4) Depression.  I cried.  I did, I admit it.  - I lost everything.  Everything!  I have no more pictures. (years and years worth).  I have no more data.  No more work documents.  Not a single work file.  No resume.  No paperwork.  No history of anything.  Gone.  All of it.  Forever.   -- Yeah.  I cried.   5) Acceptance.   . . . . . . . . not there yet!

So.  Time to find a PC Repair place.  This is the part where God comes in.  I had the crazy idea that perhaps there would be a business out there who would be willing to ressurrect my crucified computer, even if it takes a miracle, in exchange for some advertising on my radio station.  I thought it was a shot in the dark,  but my father always taught me that it never hurts to ask.  - Here goes nothing -
My business partner, Dan Hott, was kind enough to make me a list of all the local repair places around me.  I called the first one and there was no answer.  I called over and over and over but no one would pick up.  - Weird.  I kept persisting on this particular place because it's where he got HIS computer fixed not too long ago  (although his didn't have the Headless Horseman's Trojan Nightmare Virus) - but atleast it was a good way to get my foot in the door.  Finally I just had to give up though. They 'oddly' never picked up.  So later, I called the second business on the random list.  A gentleman named Britt answered the phone from US Gaming Center.  After we spoke for a bit,  he said YES to the trade and I thought I had just won the lottery!   But here's the chilling part . . . . .  Britt tells me that he and his wife (also business partner)  have been praying for an opportunity like this!  He tells me that they have spent so much money on expanding their facility and doing all these amazing things  (tell ya that in a second) but they didn't have any extra money available for advertising, and had been praying for God to help them find a way to still get exposure.
HELLO!!  Not only that,  but he continues on to say how unbelievably strange this is because his store was not yet opened for the day.  He had some emergency where he had to be at the store despite the fact that it was closed.   ---- And then here comes my call.

When I got there later and met the lovely wife,  she shares with me some of her faith and her favorite radio station is 104.7 The Fish.  -- Mine too!!  It all just "fit".  And I took a big swallow of humble pie.  -- Here I am frantic about my own situation and blinded by my own selfishness, and yet all along - maybe God meant for us all to help each other.  And that what I bring to the table can be used to help someone else and their needs too.  (not that I appreciate losing my computer to help someone else, lol, but I get the bigger picture)  It's awesome to see how the web works!  Miracles happen everyday.  In the midst of our chaos and drama and schedules and responsibilites and clutter . . . . we often miss the quiet hand of God, orchestrating little webs of favor all around us.  Start paying closer attention.   - You'll see!


--- I will be writing more on U.S Gaming Center next!  Stay tuned to Part 2.
I'm waiting to get my computer back . . . . . let's see what happens!   (- or doesn't)

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