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Friday, May 28, 2010

Salsa - Not The Food

Well here is a complete sidebar blog for ya!  For those of you who don't already know,  I am a jack of all trades and a master at none.  I have been blessed with a wide array of talents and throughout my life, I have worked around almost every one of those oddity skills.  For example .... I have been a swim team coach, a soft ball coach, professional make up artist, a dance instructor, a counselor for foster children, tv news production assistant, a hair stylist, a model scout, a childrens book author (still waiting to be published), an advertising sales guru, and did I mention . . . . radio talk show host??  ;-)
But of all the things I have randomly done or accomplished throughout my ecclectic lifetime,  one thing in particular is a passion above the rest.  A passion that burns in my blood.  A passion that I wish I could devote more time to.   - That passion is DANCING.  I have performed and competed on a professional level of Latin Dance.   When I lived in Miami and dance was how I made my living,  I was trained on how to be an instructor.  Once evolving into a dance instructor - not just a performer - I truly found my niche!  I immediately realized that instructing is my sweet spot.   I am a better dance instructor than I am a dancer.  By far.  (isn't it weird how that works??) 

I have been asked to come and teach  Salsa classes every week at this new hip Soho studio in downtown historic Roswell, called STREET STUDIO, which was just featured on the front page of the AJC's Living section.  If you are interested in taking any of my classes .... please check out the information!

 . . . . I'm thinking of a way to incorporate Salsa dance with Salsa food.   Hmmmm.  Maybe I should throw a dance party where the entrance fee is your special salsa recipe or sample!  I could call it,  SALSA FOR SALSA!   - Not a shabby idea.  We'll have a nice little mixer of dancers and foodies!   Love it already!

Would love to meet you.  So step away from that kitchen, and come see me on the dance floor!

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