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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mouth of the South

Oklahoma City is the "fattest" city in all of America,  according to a recent news report on msn.  Followed by 3 southern cities; Birmingham, Memphis, and Louisville.  I didn't appreciate the stigma that this report is giving to all 'us southerners'.  Other than Oklahoma City,  the south is fat!   ... "The south will rise again!!" ... Did they mean - on the scale??
This report has encouraged me not to be a statistic and to attempt to get back on my fitness program.  As my followers already know,  I put myself on what I "endearingly" call - a nazi diet.  Trying to gear up for bathing suit season, 3 months ago - I started a personal training regime.  Which, by the way, I was not looking forward to.  I'm very much results-driven,  but not necessarily driven to do what it takes to get to the results.  Hey,  at least I'm honest!  My goal was 30 pounds in 3 months.  (yeah, right).  I am one week away from the 3 month mark,  and I've lost a total of 12 pounds.  Um . . . . not even half of my goal!  At first,  I enjoyed blaming my trainer.  I didn't think he was pushing me hard enough and we weren't getting along personally either.  We had very different opinions about what would work!  Of course, I thought I was right.  What's new.  But then eventually I had to swallow a thick chunk of humble pie  (- mmmmm,  pie -)  and admit that I was not the professional.  I agreed to shut that big hole in my face and finally do whatever he said.  AND, shutting that hole in my face was also directed towards food as well.  - The 'diet' part of dieting is where my frustrations explode.   I LOVE FOOD!!!  I am a food host for a profession, for crying out loud!  - You want me to only eat veggies and proteins???   Really???  - You can't possibly be serious.   I'm a Puerto Rican Southern Belle who obsesses over Italian.   Does any word of that sound like I would be okay with an imprisoned meal plan??   - Survey Says .....  NO.
However,  as I mentioned,  I decided to throw down the gauntlet and test this trainer's theory.  A trainer who I referred to as 'Caveman' for the whole first month.  But sure enough, I dropped 10 lbs suprisingly quick.  I looked at the scale with wonderment.  I hated to admit it at first,  but he was right!  -- It motivated me!  It excited me!  It energized me!   .....  It starved me.  I was at a crossroads.  Do I continue to deny my foodie responsibilites but lose the weight .... or do I enjoy the foods that make me happy,  but stay inside a thick girl's body??  What to do what to do.  For those of you reading this,  if you've ever struggled with your weight before,  then you know the frustrations I'm talking about.  Amen??  And if you are blessed to be fit naturally ... well ... you can kiss my grits!    (Mmmmmm,  grits)
Oooh!  Sidebar -- Dogwood Restaurant in downtown across from the Fox Theatre has the most amazing flight of grits on their menu!  They call it the "Grits Bar".  Delish!!
Back on track -- so my whole point here is, my 3 months are up.  For those of you who have been following my progress  (or lack thereof)  I officially lost 12 lbs in 3 months.  - Not bad,  but not good either.  Today was the first time I've worked out pretty hard in a while.  I will admit,  the gym and I are not friends.  I would rather be out running on a hiking trail in the woods instead of on a boring machine of torture.  However!  I did go to the gym today.  I pushed myself  really hard.  And I walked out of there drenched in sweat,  probably smelly, and with my muscles aching already.   - And ladies and gentlemen .... it felt fantastic!! 
Unfortuantely,  Caveman has found another cave.  My trainer - who I can now call my friend and he knows I'm just playing - was offered an incredible ownership position at a new gym in Sandy Springs.  So as much as I need him to help me finish off these other 18 lbs,  I found myself today channeling my inner Cavewoman.  Dieting is not easy.  In fact,  it's the hardest thing I've ever tried to do.   And it irritates me.  I CRAVE pizza and french fries on a daily basis.  (Go to MAX'S by Centennial Olympic Park for the best pizza in Atlanta!!)   But I actually bought a naughty little bathing suit,  which I totally do not fit into at the moment,   and hung it up on my dresser mirror.   Staring at that thing has lit a new fire under my bum.   So join me  (again)  in my Part II of the nazi diet.  Any suggestions or recipes you could offer me would be so helpful and welcomed!

Oklahoma,  congratulations on being the fattest city in America.  As for me,  time to shut my pie hole!
(Mmmmm,  did I mention I love pie?!?!)

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