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Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Pound Month?

As I've already put it out there about a month ago .... I publicly challenged myself to lose 30lbs in 3 months.  Some people say that's not realistic to do, but I disagree.  Hard?  Yes.  Impossible?  Never!  I refuse to use diet pills or supplements,  I'm doing this a la natural baby.  Something inside me tells me that's the only way I will ever truly keep it off.  This isn't necessarily a "diet".  More like a healthy lifestyle change.  (34 years past due!)

I got really upset the other day because the scale has only gone down 5 pounds in over 3 weeks.  But that's 3 full solid weeks of major bigtime working out and attempting to curb my eating habits.   Now,  for those of you who know me pretty well,  it's probably apparent that I'm not exactly the most patient of people.  (some of you are probably already laughing!)  In fact, quite the contrary.  God blessed me with a lot of incredible things.  Patience -- is not one of them.   I feel that if I run on a treadmill really hard for 20 minutes,  when I get back to the scale ... I should have lost 5 pounds right there on the spot.  Can I get an Amen?!?!?
So a couple days ago,  I was really bummed out that I had only lost 5 "true" pounds in 3 hard weeks,  and unfortunately -- I blogged about it right in the heart of my impatient frustration.  That blog actually upset certain people (like my trainer) and the blog was taken down.  I guess it sounded like I was blaming him ... which couldn't be further from the truth ofcourse.  But I took it down because anybody that can deal with ME through my frustrations  (not pretty)  deserves respect in my book!   ;-)

Besides!  It's about time I indulge in some Humble Pie.   Because ladies and gentlemen  .... as of this morning,  I have lost a total of 8 pounds!!!!   And it is March 25 which means I still have 6 more days to lose 2 more measly pounds.  And I will have hit my monthly goal!  10 pounds lost per each month.    -- So man did I speak too soon.  I got all giddy this morning looking at the scale,  which is completely opposite from what I'm used to feeling,  so today has been a good day!!
I've even stepped up my personal training sessions now to 4 times per week, and knock me over with a feather --- last night I went to McKendricks Steakhouse for dinner and PASSED on the yummy hot bread,  PASSED on the insanely huge onion rings that I love, and PASSED on dessert!!!   (I think I must be possessed).   Check this out,  I ate grilled Halibut with Asparagus and a side soup.   CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!  And here's the astonishing part ... I was full.
Don't even get me started on the incredible lunch I had at Artisian Bakery for lunch yesterday too!   Proscuitto and Pear Salad.   Never thought I would say this,  but YUM!
My trainer is Scott Hornsby of Golds Gym in Roswell.  He also happens to be the General Manager.  I told him I've never been a big fan of gyms, so he has been wonderful at showing me lots of non-gym'ish things that still kick my butt.  For example, He's got me doing crazy exercises like dragging the dead weight of my body across the gym floor using only my arms (did I mention he attaches weight plates to my feet?)  - or how about doing walking lunges in a ballet plie stance??  Lol!!   -Or even exercising with a huge gigantic heavy TIRE.    Crack me up.

My "5 Pound Frustration"  is now changing into my  "10 Pound Victory"!
Scott,  I'm starting to see the light.

.........  Keep following my progress because I've still got 20 more pounds to go.  (22, technically.)

Now where did I put that patience?????


  1. lol. It's funny what a day can do. And a positive attitude. =)

  2. Donna, you and Mandi need to do this together...she has the same goals virtually! You need a partner to keep you focused :)! I am so proud of you girl...Mandi has lost about 10 lbs in the last 7-8 weeks or so.

    Give the glory to God and remember he will give you the grace to take the weight off...and keep using your common "eating" sense :)! You got it girl! Praise God


  3. Hey Donna, Got your link via
    10lbs a month is a breeze as long as you maintain a consistent positiv attitude which will drive your determination. Remember you don't have to limit yourself to gyms to lose weight and get in shape. I get an incredible workout just walking sweat mountain with my dog in east cobb which is 1640 feet elevation. There are sections of the mountain walk that have intense inclines that will kick your butt into shape while enjoying the beautiful view.

    Sending you energy vibes and best wishes on your goals :)