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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chinese vs. Italian

I am asked quite frequently "where is a good place to eat?"    I'm asked by family, by friends, by coworkers, by aquaintences, by random listeners of my radio show, etc.....   I'm asked this question day in, day out.   And usually,  I can answer this question easily -- no matter what part of town you may be interested in.  Not only am I a foodie by profession,  but I'm also an Atlanta native who has grown up for over 30 years all around town.  So even if you were to ask me where is a good place to eat in Stockbridge -- I've got your answer.  Or in Stone Mountain.  Or Cumming.  Or Fayetteville.  Or Lawerenceville.  Or Alpharetta.  Or Vinings.  Or downtown.  -- Don't worry,  I got you covered.  Bring it on!
UNLESS  --- you ask me where is a good chinese restaurant.
Yesterday,  my business partner called me from Alpharetta  and was craving chinese.  So he called me and expected an easy answer.   For the first time in foodie history ... I was stuck.   I had no idea.  Good chinese??   I racked my brain trying to think of one.  And that's when I realized,  wow - I apparently need to go school myself and begin a personal quest to find atleast one good chinese joint in every major part of town.   Believe it or not,  I have only found one restaurant that I really like for chinese.   It's in Roswell on Mansell Rd and Alpharetta Hwy called YA SHU YUEN. 
It's the one and only chinese restaurant that I have truly enjoyed for nearly 20 years.  Nothing else has compared in my book.  Ever.   - Then again,  I'm not a big fan of chinese either.  So I'm sure that has something to do with it.  I never "crave" it.  I've never been the "hey let's order take out"  kind of person.  (-I'm the pizza girl.)   So in all fairness,  perhaps I'm not the person to listen to when it comes to chinese food.

On the flip side - if I had been asked 'where is a good italian restaurant' ... shoot,  I could rattle off dozens!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some italian food!  I could eat italian every day of the week.  There's no joke here!  I'm being honest.  I'm half Puerto Rican and half Southern Belle .... yet the food I cook the best and crave the most . . . .  Italian!
Go figure.

Anyone have recommendations of some chinese restaurants for me to try???


  1. Simon's on Old Milton Parkway is really good. They have the best Hong Kong style Won Ton soup around for starters. Also, incredible Mongolian Shrimp and they serve brown rice in addition to white and fried rice, for a healthy alternative.

  2. Chin Chin is the best chinese, in my honest opinion! And you can never go wrong with some PF Chang's! :)