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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paula Deen and Johnnie Gabriel

If you missed it,  I had Paula Deen on my show yesterday.  She cracks me up!  But boy was it a process to have her on my show.  This was her 2nd time actually,  and the first time we talked a lot about food and Paula's new cookbook.  However this time around ... I wanted to surprise her!  So I called up my friend,  the lovely Johnnie Gabriel who owns Gabriel's Desserts in Marietta.  Johnnie just happens to be Paula's cousin  and the two of them are dearly close.  So I worked it out to where Johnnie was going to be in studio with me so that we could surprise Paula and just have a field day with the whole interview!  The problem came when Paula's publicist contacted me and told me Paula was very sick and had to push back a lot of her tv filming,  and because of that -- I was given the boot.  She was way behind, and had no time for a little interview with moi. 
Well I was so disappointed because of my whole 'Johnnie suprise' ... and to make a long story short,  I wasn't going to take no for an answer!  So I went back and forth and back and forth with Paula's publicist,  and unfortunately I had to go to my last resort and throw out my surprise Johnnie card.  I had to give it up.  - Well as soon as Paula heard about her beloved cousin who was going to be in on the interview as well,  I got a phone call from her publicist and everything was back on!   (so thank you Johnnie Gabriel!)
Sure enough,  they had so much fun chatting together and even though it's MY radio show ....  I felt more like a listener,  or a spectator.  I guess it's true what they say,  when you get two southern belle women together .... the mouths can run at 200mph!   "Ain't that the truth!"   So we all talked about their hystercial childhood stories, like when Johnnie made Paula shave her legs DRY for the first time ever - and she said the pain was excrutiating the next day.  (not to mention that all the red dots on her legs looked worse than chicken pox)  I also found out that apparantly Paula Deen has still got some knock out legs!  Who knew!

........  Can anybody find a picture of her showing off those calves???

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