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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 3 F's

Food Network.
Fickle Pickle.
Fois Gras.
  . . . . . . . . . . .  "F" is not my favorite letter.  The journalist in me is very picky about my choice of letters in order to make certain impressions.  For example,  I love names.  And the letter you choose to start with is characteristically important.  - Not sure why,  but I've been pretty obsessed with names since I was a child.  I once threw a fit because my sister named her barbie what I wanted to name my barbie.    And in kindergarten I stomped out of class in a tantrum because some other girl chose the same name I wanted for a game we were playing.  --- I'm embarrassed just remembering that!  I've created lists upon lists of different 'types' of names for whenever any friend or family member is pregnant and wants suggestions.   Even my father had a rule that all of our dogs/pets (throughout life) all had to have a strong 2 syllable name with hard consanants in order to train them properly.  It's just this weird oddity about my personality.  Everyone has oddities! Everyone has something weird about them!  And I don't like "F's".  So be it. 

However - 3 things have come up just in the last couple of days .... 3 things that excite me .... 3 things to look forward to .....  3 things that all just happen to start with F.   One of my favorites,  Food Network!  What foodie doesn't follow the Food Network to nearly a biblical proportion?  However, what you may not know yet is that a quaint little restaurant in Roswell just landed major Food Network exposure  on the show called "Best Thing I Ever Ate" on March 19th.  RELISH in Historic Roswell was featured for their Fried Black Eyed Peas.  Yum! Make sure to tune in to see Relish later next week.  And by the way,  if you haven't tried their Bread Pudding  (where the 'bread' is really Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!)  then you are in for a treat!
And speaking of Relish .... that takes us to our next 'F'.   Fickle Pickle!  It's another restaurant owned by the same gentleman as Relish.  And it just happens to be right down the street.  Fickle Pickle is inside an old renovated house on the infamous Canton Street in Roswell.  I got to eat lunch there yesterday for my first time and thanks to the weather,  I was able to relax on the back patio and enjoy the sunshine with my delicious fried catfish sandwich and carrot cake cookies for dessert.  I loved it! I will definitely keep going back to the Fickle Pickle throughout spring and summer.  - It is the perfect compliment to a fresh and lovely day.
You know what else I love???  Fois Grois.  Oh yeah, it is divine!  Which brings us to our 3rd and final 'F' . . . . and I don't even have anything to tell about it other than the fact that someone just mentioned it recently in passing,  and now I want some!   -- Richard Blais invited me to his previous restaurant, Home, last year as a personal guest and spoiled us rotten.  We feasted on fois grois over sweet pancakes all evening.   That was the last time I ate fois grois .... and lately,  I'm simply craving it!  - Thought I'd share.

Other F words that I actually like;   flowers.  fabulous.  french fries.  fried anything.  firefighters.  food.  falafel.  fried ice cream.  already said fried.  father.  feet.  fudge.  fried fudge?  fried fudge falafel with french fries .......   
    Now we may be on to something!   ;-)

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  1. "F" also stands for the fabulous time I had with you at The Fickle Pickle yesterday. Thanks for the shout out!