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Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Man Amick

(Justin Amick, Me, Bob Amick, Todd Rushing)

The room chuckled in unison as Justin Amick referred to his father as "the old man" live on radio.  Twice!  He was referring to the highly respected Bob Amick of Concentrics Restaurant Group.  This past Saturday was my radio show in which I titled  "Like Father, Like Son" ... where I featured Bob Amick and the General Manager of his Parish restaurant, Justin Amick.  The two of them had obvious great chemistry together and it was entertaining to watch their playful dynamics.  When you hear the name 'Bob Amick' -- a certain level of admiration and high regard will just automatically arise within in you.  Bob is a legend in his own right.  Making a stellar name for himself back when he was with the Peasant Group, Bob is also known for creating Mick's, Killer Creek, and then of course the infamous empire of Concentrics Restaurant Group.   Trust me when I tell you that someone of this stature walks around with a reputation to protect. 

Which is why it was so endearing to watch him banter back and forth with his son, Justin, and yet be so proud.  We laughed a lot and got to hear some personal stories to the softer side of the Amick family.

Todd Rushing squeezed into the action too!  Unfortunately we don't have a picture of that sight .... it's a small studio for lots of men to be gathered in!  And me.  Sandwiched in between.  -- I always enjoy having Todd back in studio and on the show.  He is such a natural on air!  I'm hoping to convince him to come on atleast once a month .... his brain is so unique that there will always be something new he can teach us in the foodie world. 

Also in this episode of DwD,  I brought on some of my favorite people.   The founders of the most incredible non-profit organization which I just happen to be a spokesperson for!  ;-)   They are hosting an exciting Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament next month, and I just wanted to try and help by letting them talk to you guys for a minute on how you can help and get involved.  

Lin Seahorn and Bill Mattson.
Feel free to contact them anytime and learn more about CHILDREN WITHOUT A VOICE, USA.   A non-profit organization passionately and tirelessly working to prevent child abuse.   -- Volunteering is precious.  Donating is a blessing.
Just ask me for the info.

Great show!!  Great food at Parish!!  Great giveaways!!
And now my favorite foodies .... next week ......    MS. PAULA DEEN YA'LL!

Butter anyone?

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