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Monday, April 12, 2010

Alone with Science

This past Saturday was a little milestone for me.  Probably not a big deal to anybody else,  but it certainly put a smile on my face.  Do me a favor,  just real quick - think about your job and what it is that you do.  Be it a promotion or just great work on a specific project ... I'm sure there's been times where you're proud of yourself for accomplishing a certain something.  Right?  Well this past weekend was one of those little accomplishments for myself.  In fact, I did a little giddy dance after my radio show finished.
This past show was the first time ever that I did it all by myself!   (Lol,  that sounds funny.)  What I mean is,  I didn't have any guests.  No interviews.   It was a full hour of just MOI.   :-)   A full LIVE hour nonetheless!   While other people in the company were nervously unsure how that would sound ... I,  on the other hand,  was hungry for it.  I was confident, over prepared, and ready to rock-n-roll!   I didn't have a nervous bone in my body.  Quite the contrary, Bring it on!
I entitled the show  "Healthy Lifestyle" and spent a lot of time researching the science behind nutrition and different blood types.  I have become fascinated by a book called  "EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR BLOOD TYPE"  by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo.   (Thank you Marcy for introducing me to this book!!)   I spent countless hours devouring the education of this book and preparing a show around it.  (with my own twists of course)  I included the science of other in-depth nutrition books and culinary research as well.   And I have to say --- I was quite OVER prepared which is a great thing, and actually filled the whole hour with fascinating uninterrupted information.

I am so used to conducting an entertainment show with upbeat guests, exciting giveaways, and laughs around every corner ... that the challenge of hosting my first solo-show was already intense enough --- but then to knock it out of the ballpark with serious, informative, and educational content which I had to work hard just to understand it myself ....... well Hallelujah, Amen, and Praise God all at once!!!   I did it!   And I didn't suck.  I started receiving emails immediately from listeners detailing their intrigue in that show!  Yeah,  I had my happy dance in full swing as we left the studios.
So.  Like I said,  sometimes when you accomplish something challenging,  it's just nice to be able to chat about it.  So thanks for listening.   (- twice, now)

And by the way -- something every human being needs to know ..... your Blood Type. 

And  "RED"  doesn't count.    ;-)

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