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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food Surrounded by Art. - ARTISAN.

I love restaurants that are off the beaten path.   Little hidden gems of the culinary scene!  One of my recent discoveries should be equated to that of a National Geographic discovery!   I cannot believe that this restaurant is tucked away and nestled right down the street from my house ... and I've never experienced its charm or its fabulous location!   I feel like I have stumbled upon a great discovery and now I want to share it with the world!    -- Yes,  it's THAT good!
This fabulous eatery is nearly hidden amongst the ecclectic art galleries of old Historic Roswell, off Canton Street.   It is called ARTISAN Foods and Bakery.  Opened for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- this creative little artsy hot spot has captured my heart.   - - And my appetite!  Their over-sized generous servings of delicious baked treats is enough to have you coming back for seconds ... but then you have their full service menu dishes with meals that will have your taste buds dancing!
    As I mentioned,  ARTISAN is beautifully located between several art galleries and ecclectic shops.  It blends in so effortlessly that you could very easily miss it all together unless you are 'in the know'.   Perhaps only the locals could tell you where to find it,  like a hidden treasure,  -- but then again,  Southern Living Magazine did just feature Artisan Foods and Bakery in a recent issue to be devoured by all!

I'm sure that as the lazy days of summer arrive,  you can come find me soaking in the ambience and atmosphere of Artisan in Roswell.   I'll be the one sitting on the patio -  gazing at the art galleries, watching the passerby's, indulging in my new favorite dish - the Pear & Proscuitto salad, inhaling their intoxicating bakery aromas, and soaking in the gorgeous scenery.   Yep!!  Sounds so good,  I think I'll just stop typing right here and go visit my new favorite local spot.  I don't think my tummy can even handle the wait!

Treat yourself to a fabulous 50% OFF gift certificate from my dining program right now.  I will be shocked if you tell me your experience was anything less than awesome.   Ask for the owner, Hoyt.   He is always ready to greet with a smile!

 - - - - -  And no,  he's not the twin brother of Shaquille O'Neal. 


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