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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nino's in my Backyard

Remember the story of the Little Engine Who Could??
That's how I feel about the little restaurant right around the corner from my house.   It literally just keeps on truckin'.   The restaurant is called NINO'S ITALIAN KITCHEN, and it is most known for its long residence as Roswell's former hang out spot, Applebee's, off Alpharetta Hwy.   - Since Applebee's retired it's business there,  unfortunately the little independant building has suffered some major losses.  There have been new restaurants to try and fill its shoes,  but to no avail.  It's been failure after failure with wrong concepts.
However!!  I am supporting NINO's Italian Kitchen and cheering for their success ever since I went to eat there a few weeks back,  and I have to admit - as much as I was trying to be objective,  I confess to walking in with an already pre-conceived notion that I would not be impressed.  I can't help it,  it's practically in my backyard and I've personally watched the transitions, attempts, and changeovers for several years now.  But to my pleasant surprise,  I was wrong!  I left with a new hope that Nino's will be the triumphant caboose of the little engine that could!
The atmosphere could certainly be spruced up a bit, but do not let that influence you.  Because the real winner is the food.   YUM!!!!!  Nino's serves truly authentic italian food and is a family owned and operated business.  Many of the recipes on the menu are delicious old family recipes and I ate the special veal dish and ladies and gentlemen ... it was probably the #1 best veal meal I have ever eaten.  I couldn't stop shoveling it in mouth like candy!
Nino is the namesake to his own restaurant and he is charming, funny, talented, and ready to serve you personally.  I was able to chat with him continuously throughout the night and the entire dining experience was very enjoyable, and again -- delicious!   I have to also include that our waitress was so upbeat and adorable that we actually invited her to sit down with us and just chat!
Bottom line?

Great food.  Great staff.  Great potential.  And worth a definite visit!   Treat yourself with a gift certificate from my 50% Off Program in order to go try them out.   If you love italian food .... you will love the food of Nino's!                               

Bon Appetito!   And pass the wine --

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