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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Heart is Overflowing .....

For those of you who don't know .... I am honored to be a national spokesperson for a non-profit organization called CHILDREN WITHOUT A VOICE, USA.   This charity organization passionately serves to prevent child abuse.  It tirelessly fights to prevent and bring awareness to the violence upon innocent children who suffer daily from unspeakable crimes.  My heart melts not only for the children .... but with admiration for the president of this foundation, LIN SEAHORN, who has a testimonial story of her own of severe abuse, neglect, and bouncing from one institution to another throughout her entire childhood of brutality and heartbreak.
Lin Seahorn is one of the few survivors who take their story of suffering,  and turn it into a future of hope and lifelong efforts to save children who are in the same nightmare situations that she was subjected to herself.   -- Lin's heart is enormous.  I have never met anyone like her.   And she has selflessly dedicated her life to saving children of all ages from the horrific abuse that she once endured, witnessed, and by absolutely no fault of her own .... became a victim to.

Here is a picture of Lin   (a champion survivor!)  with some of the children she is blessed to be interactive with.  All three of these little girls, (from left to right:  McKenna, Katie, and Michelle) were severely abused and  have been taken from their parents to be adopted by amazing women and families who love them and support them in ways that I can't even begin to describe.

Don't let this adorable picture fool you.   2 of these 3 girls cannot function in "normal" society.  They will never be able to live alone, and they will never have the mental capacity to be married or know what it means to even have independance.   --- These beautiful girls  were shaken. 

Shaken Baby Syndrome.
SBS = a severe form of head injury that occurs when an infant or small child is shaken forcibly enough to cause the brain to bounce against the skull causing lifelong brain damage and abnormal defects.  Common result is death.

Ladies and gentleman ....  I cannot warn you enough.  This is sadly a reality in our world that is becoming more and more evident.  I just recently found myself in a personal situation with someone I actually know who exhausted all means of trying to get her teething baby to relax and quit crying.  After long periods of time of becoming more and more impatient and helpless towards her baby's needs .....  she, in desperation and confusion and frustration .... lost her temper for a split second,  shook her baby in a moment of emotion .... and is now serving time in jail for child abuse ----  her baby now suffers from devastating siezures and permanent brain damage.   The baby was born 'normal',  and will now live a life of special needs & mental retardation because of a moment of motherly impatience.


I know I am a foodie show.   -- But can you understand now why I have such a heart for this organization???   Lin Seahorn is a hero of mine,  and like I said before -- I am honored to be a spokesperson for her cause.   Please help me in helping her.  She needs volunteers .... more media coverage .... more $$ donations .... more people to CARE.
Here are a few more pictures of our volunteer get-together last night as well as some more of the adopted children who will be future survivors.

There is more information on my website under the tab entitled:  My Cause.
Help me in helping our future by protecting the innocent children who were never asked to be born into an abusive home.   Their pain does not have to continue!!!  We can help Lin Seahorn and help CHILDREN WITHOUT A VOICE, USA  by preventing child abuse before it ever occurs.

Learn how.   Open your hearts and visit:

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