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Friday, January 29, 2010

Class With Ursula

Last night I went to the nations largest independant cooking school,  Ursula's Cooking School, which happens to be right here in Atlanta off of Cheshire Bridge Rd in Buckhead.  It was my 4th time to go ... or was it my 5th?  Whichever,  I truly love attending her class.  Ursula even taught Roselyn Carter how to cook!  It's amazing how thick her German accent still is, and I find myself laughing out loud in class sometimes when I can't understand what in the world she's saying.  "Zen, zuh next zing zwe do eez  ..."
She is contagiously adorable. 
I was introduced to Ursula by one of the most amazing women I have ever met, Shannon Alderman, who actually wrote the very first "Dishing With Donna" article.  As a free lance writer, she was assigned by a newspaper to do a story on me - we clicked instantly - and now I am blessed to call Shannon one of my very best friends.  But one day she said I absolutely must be introduced to one of her closest friends, and Oma - if you will. (german for grandmother)  -They meet once a week at Francos in Buckhead for dinner together, and I actually got invited to join in on their weekly tradition one night.  So I met Ursula for dinner at Franco's and I knew immediately why Shannon (early 30's) spends so much personal time with her.  She's a unique soul who is naturally magnetic!  And at age 76 - she has more wit, more sense of humor, more radiant energy and more life in her than most 30-something year olds!   Turning her own private home into a commercial teaching kitchen,  Ursula has been running her independant cooking school right off of Cheshire Bridge Rd since 1966. 

Now granted, you sit in little bitty tiny school desks for nearly 3 hours while you watch and smell and salivate.  And then finally at the end - she serves you everything you've just learned to make, buffet style.  You're so hungry by this point that dinner becomes one dangerous cattle call!  Watch out piggies ... the trough is ready!    (yes,  I said 3 hours later ...)

With easy "anyone can do them" recipes --- Ursula creates elegant dishes with little effort.  Learn helpful hints around the kitchen as well as how to cut some corners.  (which I always like!)  Ursula will have you cracking up WiZ her AckZent allZ nite,  as well as learn some fun new things to cook.  Just watch out for her kitchen witches!!  Don't be frightened, she says she collects them for good luck!  I think she just announced that she has around 300 witches in her kitchen.  -- Oh, and don't mention Hitler either.  Coming here to get away from Germany ..... she's not exactly a fan.

(From left to right:  Me, my friend Heather, and Shannon Alderman)

Go visit her website and upon my recommendation -- spend a little money to take her cooking classes. 
Eez a Good Zing!

Click Here for Ursula's Website

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  1. WOW! Donna, I am so impressed with how awesome you are doing on your blog. You are really starting to come into your own. I was thoroughly entertained by this entry about Ursala's cooking school. Good job and keep'em coming.