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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Detox Day 5 - The Revival

I'm starting to wonder if my Detox Tea is still working.  On day 3, my bowels definitely felt the effects of 'intestinal cleansing' for sure!  (Lol, I'm trying to keep it PG here...)  But yeah,  it was freakish and cool at the same time.  Since then however,  nothing else has happened.  Maybe it's because I've cheated a few times, so the Tea is mad at me now - ??

Well I'm done with the cheat!  After speaking to a friend of mine this morning  (Hi Copee!) I am suddenly re-energized to jump back on the bandwagon of discipline.  He is also detoxing, but doing a liquid-only diet for 21 days ... and he has not cheated even once!  He is on day 9, and here I am only on day 5 - -and have already cheated several times.  AND I even get to eat solid foods, and he does not.  I asked him his secret and his answer was eye-opening.  Copee says that every time he gets hungry and tempted, he literally removes himself from the area of temptation (like a kitchen)  and goes and prays to God for strength.  By the time he is done praying, he said he no longer feels the need to indulge!  As a christian myself,  this spoke to me.  Why didn't I realize this before??  God wants us to lean on Him in times of need, and yes - even in a diet.  It encourages and builds self-discipline, which is obviously important to have when living a christian lifestyle.  So with no pun intended ... it all feeds off each other!
So watch out God,  I'm about to bombard you with lots of extra prayer time!   (Food tempts me quite frequently throughout the day)  (just read the previous blogs!)   ;-)

So today is technically Day 6 ... but let me tell you about yesterday,  my Day 5.
I woke up to a bowl of the most disgusting cereal I have ever tried,  KASHI.  If you've ever had a craving for stale wet styrofoam - then this breakfast is for you!  In fact, this cereal could be used on Fear Factor.
  For lunch I re-heated my brown rice and turkey sausage from the other night, and just ate a little bowl.  I was doing good again!!   I was feeling good!  Did I mention I even had an early morning date with the gym?
 ................. But like clockwork,  around 5pm, I had the pre-dinner munchies.  And what was available for snacking???  Chocolate Chunk cookies!!!  Well I decided I better hurry and finish them off so that they won't tempt me anymore.  Thank goodness they're no longer around!
And then for dinner, a very weird combination of shrimp cocktail and eggs.   (- don't ask.)

So that was my Day 5 yesterday.   As for today though .... I'm using Copee as my motivation, and God as my strength.  Hopefully by the end of today, I will not have another cookie story for you.

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