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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Detox Day 6 & 7 -- Crash and Burn

Sometimes when you don't want to lie,  you just play the denial game instead and completely ignore the situation.  Well I think that's what I've been doing for 2 days now.  I don't want to lie on my blog, therefore ... I just haven't written!  I've been too embarrassed to admit that my stomach is simply not allowing me to remain on a strict Detox.   -- A diet is one thing.  Even working out every day seems okay for me.  But a Detox???  No caffeine?  No wine?  No sugars?  No salt?  No carbs?  No spices?  No fat?  -- NO FUN. 
Cmon let's just be honest here.   I am in the restaurant and food industry.  Ok?  It's my job!  How could I have ever expected to Detox for 10 days when I'm eating in several restaurants a day for a living???  And if you've read the previous Detox blogs .... then you already know I've cheated every single day somehow since day One.  Trying to "detox" has left me cranky and feeling like a failure.

Therefore, my fellow foodies, let's just call a spade a spade.  Donna is not a detoxing person!  Period.  I appreciate and love food way too much to break up our happy relationship together.  I need food and food needs me.  And not KASHI cereal kind of food either.  But food like the grits bar at Dogwood,  stuffed peppers at Wisteria, meatball pizza at Max's, spinach and chicken canneloni at Alfredo's, a kripsy kreme milkshake from Flip, sushi from Miso, barbecue from Swallow in the Hollow, a good cabernet from Sip Wine Bar,  etc... etc....

So I will continue to finish out my Detox Tea thing.  I still have a few more days of that.  And on day 10,  I will let you know how much weight I've lost.  (or not lost).  But let's look at the bright side of this little self-project . . . . I now know never to attempt a detox again!  Good to know. 
Oh I can handle a diet!  Just not a strict detox.  Not for me.  And for those of you who can,  kudos to you!   (Mmmmm,  Kudos)
So my goal is to lose the 30 lbs I've packed on since becoming a Food Radio Host.  -- Detox vs. Diet. That sounds like a new blog title!

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