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Monday, January 11, 2010

Detox Crisis - Day 4

I don't like this game anymore.  This whole 'detox' game.  Because let's just be honest ... it's all about win or lose.  If I stay obedient to the 'rules', then I win.  If I slip up and eat a cookie,  I lose!  It's as simple as that.  And I think I'm already losing.  This game is no longer fun!

I was so proud of myself for starting off my day yesterday with breakfast and a Bible study at IHOP.  Yes, proud.  Because as surprising as it's going to sound, I actually ordered a healthy breakfast!  I had turkey bacon, egg "substitute" (whatever that is), whole wheat toast. and turkey sausage.  I was full, satisfied, and pretty dang proud of myself for not ordering my usual french toast or pancakes.  At this point,  my day is looking like a WIN!
Then I went to the movies and saw Avatar.  -- Incredible movie by the way!!  Go see it!  I did eat popcorn, but it was UNbuttered.  And we brought a little baggie of mixed nuts to munch on as well.  So I had no official lunch,  but enough munchies to last me til dinner.  Right??
  -- WRONG!  I got back to my house, and lo' and behold .... again ... cookies.
Really????   Have we not already learned that I have a weakness for all things sweet???  I believe this must be a terrorist attack.  Because no one who loves me would have chocolate chunk cookies sitting out the moment I walk thru the door.   This plot to destroy me is working -- because I indulged in SEVERAL.   Kill me now.
After a 2 second guilt trip about the cookies - I then went down to Buckhead and got all my hair chopped off.  Yep! Whacked it all off.  And then I took my hairdresser out to dinner afterwards at Eclipse di Luna.  This is actually a great restaurant for my Detox.  Everything is Tapas,  so small plates.  And there are a lot of healthy choices as well.  She and I shared plates of hummus and octopus and lamb.  It was delicious.  Light and delicious!  However . . . . .  maybe I backslid again and drank a glass of red wine.
OOPS!  How did that happen??

Okay.  So I seem to be winning and losing in this whole Detox game.  One hit, one miss.  One hit, one miss.  But hey .... atleast I'm not giving up and I'm still playing!   Does that earn me some bonus points??  Extra credit??  Anything??   -- Did I win another cookie??

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  1. Cheering for you Donna! You can do it. Resist the temptation and it will flee from you ... event the ice cream and dreaded Magic Shell :)
    Enjoying the blog.