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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I realize that I have not updated my blog yet this week.  Wow, this week has flown by!  Which is odd to say since I have been sick for 2 days straight feeling like the day is so long.  I haven't eaten very much at all  (- why couldn't this have happened when I was struggling to detox??  Being sick would have made it so much easier!).  And that being the reason why I haven't blogged.  Using sickness as my procrastination.
However!  The night before I started feeling sicky, I did go out to dinner at a fabulous new joint called SIP in Milton  (that snug little area of Alpharetta).  Although the creative tapas food was great, it was more of the atmosphere that had me so impressed.  SIP is definitely a "Donna spot".  With the lights glowing and dark rustic walls, the wine focused decor and an air of sexiness, yet still so comfortable and cozy at the same time.  It's perfect for a date ... which I was on.  :-) 
The best part about SIP is their enomatic wine systems.  Incredible!  Breakthrough technology for dispensing wine.  You get a special card, slip it into the machine, choose your wine that you want - then choose the amount you want (a taste, a half glass, or full glass),  push the button,  place your glass in the machine .... and it will dispense for you your exact choices!!  Right there on the spot.  It is so cool. 
So we had some fun with that, tasting both whites and reds.  And be careful if you try their chocolate cayenne pepper ice cream dessert!  I needed a firehose to wash out the burn!  -- It hurt so good.

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  Easy easy.

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