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Monday, January 18, 2010

Detox - Take Two! -- Really??

Oh what have I gotten myself into now??  Right as I was proclaiming my acceptance about my natural inability to maintain a strict regime of nazi detoxification, and feeling glad that I'm no longer held accountable for such nonsense blog-writing ....... well all the sudden here comes a curve ball!  I'm pretty much assigned to a new detox plan with strict orders that I must obey it properly this time and cannot cheat!  Fabulous.  So here I am at the end of Day One.
Yep.  Again.
( . . . if you could only see my eyes rolling . . . )

So let's see ...again for the record,  I ate zip for breakfast and choked on my own sweat instead while I went to the gym very early for a strong cardio workout.  With nothing in my stomach but water (and maybe last night's wine) it was several hours later when I went to Chick-fil-a and surprised myself when I heard my own voice ordering a grilled chicken sandwich, no butter - with a side salad for my lunch.  - Who knew I could say those words! ... You see,   -I'm growing.    ;-)

I might have slipped a glass of white wine in there somewhere  (naughty me)  but other than that ... my dinner was simply the Puerto Rican Asopao that I had made from a couple nights ago reheated.  No dessert.  Yes I'm serious .... no dessert! 

This newly enforced detox has me taking pills every morning and every night,  lots of different pills for lots of different detoxification reasons.  Gross.  But luckily it's only 7 days.   As I'm closing out the first day ... maybe this time around will be the real deal.  Who knows.  After what I already tried to go through though .... I'm not looking forward to this week.  And there's no more cookies left!!  My drug of choice = cookies.  I'd ask you where they could have possibly gone -- but then my lovehandles already showed me.

Day One.  Mission completed.

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