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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Fat and Happy Detox.

I knew it!  I told you so.  I knew my body was going to reject a Detox.  First, in my last attempt,  my stomach became my personal nemisis and definitely put the 'pain' in hunger pains!  -You think my tummy would appreciate being squeaky clean and polished from the inside out.  A shiney new inner lining. - But no! Not my organs.  Nope!  They'd rather be fat and happy than empty and neglected.  (we're coming right back to this 'fat and happy' notion ... )   
The issue this go-round is the fact that the new detox I've been assigned to do includes so many pills and powders.  And for the first time in 34 years ... I am breaking out all over the place.  If there's one thing I know I can say with confidence that I've been blessed with -- it's always been flawless skin.  Even in my pre-teen years (or more bluntly, puberty) - it was never an issue for me.  While everyone else walked around with a snow capped mountain range on their face . . . I somehow remained miraculously immune to it.  So I can't even relate to what a breakout feels like.
Well, that is ... until I decided to become more "healthy",  and now ironically my face is hiking through that same mountain range. 
This particular detox is drastic,  and its causing drastic side effects.  Don't even get me started on the side effects of my digestive track!  - Ew.

So do I take the good with the bad??  Or in this case,  the bad with the good?  I guess the good news is it's only a 7 day detox.  I'm on day 3.  I'm a fighter - I can squeeze out 4 more days.  But in order to compensate for the flawed skin and erupting belly ....  I may just have to sneak some wine to keep me sane.   ;-)   Shhh,  don't tell!  Detox Schmeetox.  Whatever happened to a good old fashioned diet?? 

Speaking of diet - just real quick - how am I supposed to stay loyal to a diet when I go to restaurants like THE BRIDGE in Roswell!??!?!  It's one of the most authentic mexican restaurants I've been to in all of Atlanta.  It's getting rave reviews.  I had to go there.  Driving up to the location - I had my doubts.  I did.  But I got to tell ya,  sometimes the "hole in the wall" joints deliver dishes of food that are FAR superior to the food found in a mass produced chain.  THE BRIDGE is exactly one of those joints.  Absolutely delicious.  When I looked at the menu and saw the combination called "Fat and Happy" .... are you kidding me?  I had to order it!  It was a chicken tamale, a beef enchilada, tacos, rice and beans, and a salad.
  Again,  since I saw the word 'salad' in it,  I knew it had to be on my detox plan!

Check out THE BRIDGE in Roswell.  Tell the owners (who are there on site)  that you saw it on Dishing With Donna.  And you can even go get yourself a gift certificate to try it out directly from my 50% Off Program!  (scroll down on this blog)  Buy a $35.00 dinner certificate for only $15 bucks.  - Yummy date night!  Get Fat and Happy,  I did.

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"Dishing With Donna" - The Bridge Mexican Gourmet

         10479 Alpharetta St.
         Roswell, GA 30075
         (678) 373-1726

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