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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Detox Disaster

My personal Detox plan  (to kick start my new healthy diet for 2010)  was supposed to start 4 days ago, on Monday.  Yeah.  I was doing great until about 2:00pm.  That didn't last long.  - I decided to try again the next day, and was hanging in there til about 10am  (haha) since I guess one piece of cold pizza still counts as cheating on a detox.  Then came Wednesday.  I was bound and determined to get my butt in gear  (literally)  and make this the day that I could be disciplined!   Other than still downing caffeine first thing in the morning  (something I told myself would be part of the Detox -- no caffeine)  but other than that ... I was actually doing pretty good!  Healthy fruit breakfast.  A gross health bar for my lunch.   Tons of water.  I was doing it!!!  Yay me!   . . . . . aaaaaand then came the cookie test.  Right before my eyes were some of the most delicious looking cookies and brownies and doughnuts.  Are you kidding me??  Who can say no to that??  - Before I knew it,  I had already scarfed down several,  and loved every minute of it.  Since I had already botched my detox for the day,  I later decided that a bowl of ice cream with Magic Shell  (Mmmmmm,  Magic Shell!)  was okay after my believe-it-or-not healthy dinner of spinach salad.  I proudly declared that my spinach salad cancelled out my ice cream.  :-)

So!  Here I am.   Attemptive day 4.  Thursday.  It's noon right now,  and this morning I pulled myself out of bed very early and suffered a grueling cardio workout at the gym (I did pretty good though!) -- went to Whole Foods and decided to buy myself 100% healthy diet foods, as well as this crazy 10-Day Detox Tea stuff.  It's supposed to flush out my intestines, liver, and kidneys. - Lovely. 
So I am now armed with my arsenol of guilt!   ( as in,  I better do this because I just forked out a lot of money to make this work!)  
Today,  I have had low-fat oatmeal for breakfast, 2 liters of water already, and about to eat some healthy soup for my lunch.    .... stay tuned and keep up with me every single day as to how I'm handling this 10 Day Detox Diet.  
After 3 days of failed attmepts,  I'm hoping that this day 4 will REALLY be my Day One.

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  1. Don't you just hate those wonderful times when you decide to really alter your life. why is it always so dang painful? I guess nothing that you really want ever comes easy. Anyhow, hang in there Donna. Just keep focused on the end result. It does get easier as you go. Good Luck!!